Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little bit of Crate to Share

One of the new collections I bought for myself this year was the Maggie Holmes for Crate one.........I looooove it ;)   It's so pretty and funky all at the same time, which I guess is kinda my style.  I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago and just played.  I had a hard time putting it away.  
I'll be going back to it for sure.

Sometimes I feel like each layout should be unique and new with different techniques and styles...but honestly, when I keep them at my most basic and natural style I always love them the best.  I love this design here and I use it quite often.  It allows me to showcase the pattern papers that I love and use lots of layers and pretty little details.  You may see it a lot and think i should come up with a new bag of tricks, but hey......if I love it, I might as well keep doing it ;)
 This makes me happy!

 There isn't anything magnificent about this one either, just lots of layers and fun bits.  
Just how I like it ;)  That background paper speaks for itself, dontcha think?!?
 I've had these pics of Samantha and her bff for years (obviously) I've just never had the right collection to use with them, until this!  I was so excited to get these in the book ;)


I know for those of you who don't necessarily read my blog for the scrapbooking are probably a little tired of it.  I've not been sharing as much personal info lately for many reasons.  One of them being that my kids are getting older and I need to respect their privacy and they don't like me talking about them much anymore ;)  I will still share things here and there but it's definitely going to be less often.


julie e said...

Love your layouts

Marielle said...

Beautiful layouts and little girls 😀

Marielle said...
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Lizzy Hill said...

Heehee..yup, kids grow & get protective of themselves. Then they hit their 20s like my lot, by which stage they just roll their eyes:):)!!! I'm a bit like you, I tend to fall into the from top L to bottom R as my 'pattern'...but really, I've never noticed a 'pattern' in your scrapping & I'm sure no-one does in mine...besides, with yours I'm too distracted looking at all the YUMMY bits...like those buttons on the 2nd LO!!! Oh, I write tooo much...sozzy!!!

Ashley Calder said...

Really cute pages! Love all of those blue bows!

Unknown said...

lovely colours, lovely girl... and of course, lovely work!!! Congratulations.