Friday, February 23, 2007

The facts of life

1. Doug pulled himself together long enough to take Kristen to her Daddy Daughter Dance. Took her to McDonald's after. She came home beaming!

2. I reminded Nathan to be careful when he decided to help cut the carrots for dinner. He said "I know mom, I'm just like Ermel." (Ermel??) "Ya, you know the cook on TV" (Oh, you mean Emeril) I laughed REAL hard at that!

3. Even sick little girls think it's OK to play in the rain, that would be Samantha. Can't blame her, it does look fun.

4. Samantha said out of the blue one day, "Uncle Matt is bald. That's because he has no hair." tee hee hee.

5. We have a new nickname for Jack. Cracker Jack. The boy helps himself all day long to whatever crackers/cereal he can get his chubby little hands on.

6. Jack walks a little sideways and looks a little loopy doing it at times, soooo cute! It's like he needs his tires re-aligned .

7. Our oven broke this weekend, big stink! Doesn't heat up. Sounds like it could cost as much to fix as to buy a new one. We'll see, they come out on Monday.

8. Nathan got 100% on a bones in the body test. It was hard, full of stuff I don't even know. He studied hard and saw the results. He is very proud of himself and so are we.

9. Doug is finally feeling better.

10. I'm grateful for my beautiful children and all the crazy joy they bring to my world.

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