Friday, August 31, 2007

The SITuation

He won't sit in his high chair

He won't sit in his booster chair

Quite frankly,

He won't SIT in any chair!

On this day he chose this stance, but usually, it's just a full on stand.

Meal time is always a challenge when it comes to Jack. He tries to walk around with his food, ya know, towards my yellow couch. Really, the only time he wants to sit at meal time is in my lap when I'm trying to eat. Obviously, he is not lacking for nourishment though, so he must be getting something in along the way! He is our busy, busy boy!


Cammie said...

He is just soooooo cute!

Stephanie said...

He really reminds me of Benny. Very cute little boy.

Meaghan said...

He's too cute! Jackson doesn't sit to eat either. I usually have to chase him around with a fork to get him to eat. Unless we're at McDonalds!