Friday, November 2, 2007

Flashback to 1988 - Flippin Sweet!

So I'm really putting myself out there with this picture.
The big Hair
The s-c-a-r-f.
My brothers crimped bangs. (even then I knew THAT was dumb)
But I have been thinking of my brothers lately.
I almost forgot the nickname they used to use on me
until my youngest (jonny) called me the other day and said
"Hey Curly"
It made me smile!
I am grateful for the relationships we have
I love to see them
And we enjoy each others company
Together we are still a bunch of dumb teenagers!
(by the way...i fall 4th in line)


Linde said...

Are you the ONLY girl? Lucky you! How fun to see that though. I love it. You haven't changed...except for the hair! Gotta love old family pictures.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

What a great photo!! Can't believe you are the only girl with all those boys... glad you had someone to share your hair crimper with still.

Meaghan said...

I think I had the same hair, just longer!

lisa said...

I really did have the same hair! Big hair was SO in! The bangs were always two curls up, one curl down. How fun to see!

Cammie said...

That is so awesome! I need to find some of the 80's photos of me and my sisters that are out of control.

. . .you still look really great while being decked to the 80's!

Sunee said...

SWEET!!! Can I tell you how bad I want the 80's to come back. You and I had the EXACT same hair. Awsome. I think a perm is the way to go for you. It looks great. Lets bring it back. We'll perm each others hair. Everyone would be so jealous.

Stephanie said...

Nice Hair. Mine was the same fun hair style too. To much work.

Anonymous said...

nice hair

Stephanie said...

We need some Halloween pictures.

g said...

That's an awesome picture! How cute you were (and are ;)).