Friday, January 25, 2008


Doug's surgery on his hand went great yesterday. He is feeling good and having very little pain so far. We won't know for a while how well it worked, obviously. He will start phys. ther. on Monday.

This nice little chunk of glass was removed from the top of his hand. Back in July the Dr's. said it would just work it's way out eventually. Well, nearly 7 months later it was still happy where it was and a big fat bother! We had no idea how big it would really be. Could have been just a speck but turned out to be as big a chunk as we thought it would be. For being just under the skin, that suckers huge!

It's a creepy little reminder.

We feel a sense of completion with this surgery. Hopefully there will be nothing else and he can really focus on a full recovery now. Not sure how long he will have to do phys. ther. on the hand, but he is still working on the shoulder and doing well with that. S O M E D A Y he will be physical therapy free! Someday. Thanks for all the love!

{Somebody outta put some lotion on the dry withered finger!}


Cammie said...

Wow, that piece of glass is so crazy and I can't believe it was hanging out all this time! I'm glad to hear that things went well.

PS. Tell Jack happy Birthday from all of us. I can't wait for Soren to meet him again now that they are older.

Kathy Jo said...

Yikes!!! That's huge to be in a hand. Glad that you guys are done with surgery! On the road to being free from all the appointments. You guys won't know what to do with all that extra time.

Judy said...

good I am glad it went well! I have a blog now but have no clue how it all works!!
I have only posted 3 things..
talk at you later

VivaLasFloyds said...

Ouch! I bet he feels so much better with that out of there!

Did you see my reply about the cookies on my blog?

g said...

Holy cow, they expected that huge thing to work its way out?? Yikes! I'm so glad the surgery is over. I hope this is the beginning of a lot less pain and a lot more healing.

P.S. Dry withered fingers are a staple of living in the desert, dontcha know?!

Stephanie said...

It is crazy to think that the little piece of glass caused all that touble and pain. I am so happy that the surgery went well and that things are on the mend. What a crazy 7 months for your familly. Tell Doug we have been thinking of him. We hope is pain is finally gone.