Thursday, March 13, 2008

We've created a MoNsTer

And his name is J A C K !!!
This boy is naughty.
One of his favorite hobbies seems to be the toilet.
This weekend, we came 2 seconds away from having to REPLACE the toilet.
He had tried to flush a barbie down the toilet. Of course that was too big, but he got something down. We had no idea what it was. Just knew the old toity was not workin' right! Plungered it to near death, even used a hanger to try and scoop the evil out. No luck. Finally, took the toilet off. Still no luck. Sat the toilet back down to head to Home Depot, when POP out came a little foam wall cling (ya know, the kind kids can stick to the bathtub). Ya, he his FORBIDDEN from the bathroom. And he knows it. Every time we catch him in there he runs for his life.
In this shot, he tried to flush a towel down the toilet.

These little babies...they are nerf darts. Nathan got a set for Christmas. Within days we found several beheaded darts in the trash. Hope they tasted good!

This is really the beauty of them all. Mr. Muscles got the entire top off of an Elmer's glue bottle the girls had left out. Who knew he could take the top off, I can barely get the top off! Thank goodness we had a place mat on the table! He was painting himself with it. Trying to cover everything he could when I found him. Funny thing is, big brother was just around the corner the whole time and didn't ever notice the mischief! What good are the other kids if they don't watch out for him!!!! Sheesh. Do I have to do everything!
He's showing us how cool it is. "Look ma!"
Now that's some pasty skin man!
This boy is CONSTANTLY in trouble!
I swear, all I do is clean up after him.


Stephanie said...

YES, you do have to do everything. That's what us moms do. Even though Jack is a trouble maker he is a cute one at that.

Meaghan said...

But look how cute he is! There's a reason why babies and kids are so cute. That angelic little face is begging to get into trouble.

Jacob and Iain got their hands on some Sharpee markes once and colored on each others faces. Jake had glasses and a beard and Iain had scribble all over. It took so long for it to come off! If he hasn't gotten into the permanent markers yet than it's not too bad!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

he is such a cute MoNsTer!!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh... and those nerf darts don't last at our house either.....

Laura & Paul said...

You make me so scared to have a 2 year old boy again. I think I blocked out what that was like. But, they are sooo cute!

Kathy Jo said...

Wow!!! But he is SOOO cute!!!