Friday, September 5, 2008


You know you've lost a few brain cells when your making your kids easy mac & ramen noodles for lunch and you put the ramen seasonings in the mac noodles.

You know it's time to clean out the freezer when you put a soda can in to give it a quick chill n' slush and then FORGET about it. And your husband finds it that evening when he opens the freezer to find exploded diet coke frozen to EVERYTHING! picture that one in your mind...

Other than those things...I'm doing great. Haven't forgotten my kids at school, or lost my keys (although I did just break my key remote, wondering if I can super glue it together???).

Along with the kids new year I now have a new goal myself.

Met with a trainer this week and hopin' to get this body in shape. The plan is to go to the gym every day after I drop off Samantha at school. So far...I've made it 2 days this week. Not exactly off to a rockin' start.

I've decided I can't take the chaos in my scrap room anymore and the only economical thing I could think of was to just get a BIGGER desk. Hence the new 6' card table I shoved into my car today. Now....just gotta move all my crap so I can get it in and reorganize it all. Actually, doing all that is loads of fun for me.

Had a fun Labor Day weekend, saw some mountains, saw some family...got some great pictures if only I could get them to download. For some reason it wouldn't work last night. Will try again after I get my scrap room put together. Gonna go do that NOW.
In honor of the big mess I have to tackle here is a sampling of my tenzy tiny desk. Don't be fooled by the clearing on the desk, it rarely looks like that. Aaaaand a layout. Enjoy.


Stephanie said...

can't wait to see the family pictures. you have been busy.

Chandra said...

Nothin like a slushy Coke! Yuo do know there's no fat on you to lose don't you? I on the other hand need to get back on track! My "spare tire" used to fit a Scooter now it's moving into a passenger vehicle. Hope you get that room ship shape!

Linde said...

You crack me up!

Stephanie said...

are you still alive?? you haven't been posting much. your last post was a while ago. just checking on ya. ;)