Friday, February 20, 2009

sshhhhhhhh....don't tell

i think i look stuuuuuPID!
that's what Samantha said about the little shoe/boot
the dr. gave her to wear for her broken toe.
it's a lovely black peep toe Velcro encrusted thick soled tennisandal
She HAAATES it and WILL NOT let me take a picture (though i'm gonna get one eventually)
and she told me i could not post a picture...she says it's too embarrassing.
Though...she failed to forbid me from telling the story. tee hee hee
and since i know ya'll want to know...

Samantha broke her toe!
It's dumb really, she was playing on a bouncy ball and just fell wrong, I guess.
She was screaming that her "toe did something funny"
that was an understatement as it was pointing out to the side
instead of straight up and tucked in.
It was Sunday night and we waited till Mon. am to take her in to Quick Care
They then referred her to a specialist as it's broke on the growth plate
she scootched around on her hiney for 2 days before we got in
and she got her fancy shoe so she could walk.

She's doing great now except being the fashion minded,
but don't bring attention to myself girl,
she doesn't want to go to school
cause "it's SO embarrassing!"

see the funny here???
I can't sit
She can't walk...
we're quite a pair!

oh and don't tell her I told ya!


Kathy Jo said...

Ahhhh.....that brings back memories of when Ethan broke his big toe. They casted him all the way to his knee and then built the cast out a couple of inches past his toes. And then he wore one of fancy shoes. When they took it off, it was so funny to watch him walk and run. Maybe you could put some fancy ribbons or buttons on it to make is less embarrassing???

Stephanie said...

I hope she feels better. Wear the boot and get lots of attention.

Kirsten said...

Awwww! Don't worry Samantha, I had to wear one of those big dumb boots once. It hurts worse if you don't wear it.

Did you figure out what happened with your pictures? That picture down there is HUGE! :)

lisa said...

you two ARE quite the pair! Funny!
Poor samantha! I almost threw up when you said it was sticking out to the side. It makes me cringe just typing it! SO FUNNY that she is so fashion minded, thats Samantha! :)

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh darn. poor girl. i wouldn't want to wear one of those big boots either. hope it's not for too long!!

Meaghan said...

Poor thing! I don't like drawing attention either.

I left an idea on your picture problem in that post!

Cammie said...

She's so cute and I'm so sorry she got hurt--sound like it looked icky! Send her some love from Aunt Cammie and Uncle Jason and tell her we think she's awesome.