Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so i learned (or maybe not)
a new trick to make my photos
if you scroll down a bit you'll see
the "trick"
has backfired.
They are outta control
can't figure out why some are nice and big
and some are freakish and big.
i've had to go back to my usual size
cause....i can't figure out why
they are SO outta control for me

Anyone know about this?????


Stephanie said...

I am no help with the computer, hope you find the help you need.

What happened to Samantha's toe??

Meaghan said...

Are you resizing them in photoshop? I make the pics on my photo blog big and I found the biggest Blogger can handle is 600 pixels on your widest side. Any bigger and they're out of control. It makes the pic pretty small but it looks great once up on the blog. Hope this helps!