Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and the legend continues!!!

I consider myself warned.
I was told, when Doug and I were married
about the curse.
The Monson Curse.

That is...
if something can go wrong,
it will.
And not just in the usual way.
In extra. special. ways. =}

If you've followed my blog at all...
you may recall, some of the more
memorable events.

There was the trip to Disneyland
The spring we started our own business

actually...that's all I can remember off the bat.
But anyway, I'm sure your familiar with the
ever exciting, never know what's waiting around the corner
summer we have had.

Well, the black cloud of July ended and with it
came a fun and relatively smooth August.

It wasn't meant to last.

Yesterday, in a lovely 105 or so degree Las Vegas summer day,
it happened.

The air conditioner blew it's last hurrah.

It took me a few hours to realize
somethin' weren't right.

The screaming and buzzing of a burning motor,
that was producing no breeze
confirmed what I was fearing.

After a difficult night of heated sleep
I quickly called a repairman.
They promised to arrive....

This afternoon when our thermostat
read 88 degrees, they arrived.

They repaired.
They took my last dime and the kids college fund...
And they promised the sweet relief of COLD air.

I could feel it coming.
It was sweet.
And refreshing.

But once again,
it wasn't meant to last.

This is where the "extra special way"
comes into play.

After cooling the house to about 81 degrees.
The dreaded thermostat,
it started going back up.


It will be another heated night (and not in the good way!)

They (the repair people) have promised to put us
at the utmost of importance first thing tomorrow morning.

But instructed, if I don't hear from them by 8:30am,
I'd better call. (that makes me feel all warm and cozy...for real)

Seriously people, I DO have a life!
and waiting for repair people aint IT!

Hope your nite is ever refreshing!


Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh man. i have been there every summer since we moved into this house. our cursed air conditioner. dang it. we have survived this summer so far. but i feel your pain. that is so miserable!!! hope they get there soon!!

Stephanie said...

I hope you get air soon. I feel your pain. When we had our flood we had to keep the air off and had these hudge things blowing hot air. It was in June and it was soooooooooooo hot. Good luck.

Jason & Claire said...

Oh man, Carol! I'm so sorry. I hope you are sitting in a nice air-conditioned home as I write this. ;)

Kathy Jo said...

I feel for you. The AC in my car is trying to die. John keeps saying maybe it won't be as hot "next week". I have a feeling he is trying to put me off..... Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

lisa said...

That sucks! I hope they fix it SOON. You'll have to spend the day in the pool.

Stacey Michaud said...

Oh, I hate that! I hope it gets fixed--they better make you a priority! I am a major AC snob! Must have it! LOL!

Bryn said...

Oh Carol... you have had one heck of a summer. What happened next? What was worng with it the 2nd time? I feel like I am waiting for the next weeks episode of LOST.

Chandra said...

I feel ya! My family has the Nelson curse. It hits quite frequently and can be traced for generations. The crazy thing it's not always ordinary things that go wrong it's off the wall things. You can understand since you too have the curse!

Cammie said...

Oh no!! I hope all is well by now. Seriously, you live in one of the hottest places!!