Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Could it BE????

That this little animal is in preschool????

On a quick side note we'll be taking this little preschool tour...
backwards. I loaded my photos wrong and blogger is not being
very reasonable with the rearranging of photos...so there.

Isn't he stinkin' cute. Wearing his little name necklace he made on the first day.

When I picked him up i asked him if he had fun and what did he do....he tells me all
serious and evasive while he looks out the corner of his eye and turns his head (and with a sigh) "I don't know...I can't remember" (which by the way is what he does every time I ask!)

Oh ya then when we got home and I wanted to look in his pack at what he made he practically hollered at me to not look yet, he's gonna show me!

Here he is showing me this person...which by the way is not him. He says it's his sister......uuuummmmmm Samantha (like ya, he just thought of that) Well, she does have bushy pink eyebrows so it must be a girl!

Here he is being a little shy as we arrive that morning.

Miss Heather suggested he go find his name to help him let go of me.
He's very familiar with what his name looks like, afterall it is up in lights all over town! {Jack in the Box}

I'm done mom...no more pictures.

The official first day of school photo, all the while playing with the straps.

Jack has been dieing...and I mean DIEING to go to school for like a year now.
But when it came time to start he was, shall we say...a bit nonchalant about it all. A titch shy.
Here he is with his so annoyed stance with his head hung down and to the side a bit all the while thinking to himself (i'm sure) uuhhhhhh...fine take a picture of my super cool backpack if you must!

Even though he likes to act like he's too cool for school I did hear from Miss Heather during cooking time one day that he kinda said to himself "this the best class ever" (I just imagine him saying that Napoleon Dynamite style!) Cause you know that's where he gets all his sweet skillz!


Kathy Jo said...

That's so sweet. It takes me back..... How'd you enjoy a few moments all by yourself?

Leslie said...

Wow! I swear it was just yesterday I was visiting that lil' guy in the NICU! What an adorable kid he is...very entertaining! :) Side note: we just watched Napoleon Dynamite last weekend..felt we needed a refresher and how ironic you now have made two Napoleon references lately! I promise to call soon...as soon as I'm caught up! Whose stupid idea was it to go to school?!! :)

Stephanie said...

I think the one of Jack looking a little shy looks just like Doug. What are you going to do with your free time??

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh my goodness carol. he is such a cutie!
congratulations on the little bit of time to yourself!

Meaghan said...

How fun! He looks adorable.

Chandra said...

Face facts girl.... you're getting old. Your baby is off to pre school. At least he's got skillz to get him through!