Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Living Room

Ya'll know I've been whining for a new couch for my living room...
for like ages!

Finally, my dreams have come true.
We saved the money and started looking last fall.

Of course, being picky, like I've been told I am, I couldn't find anything I wanted here in town.
So when we were in Utah for Thanksgiving we went looking up there.
I fell in love at this one store and called Doug on the phone and said he HAD to come see this couch. I wasn't sure he would like it, but baby...I was in lOVE!!!

Being the good husband that he his, he loved it too ;)
So we ordered it and then picked out some chairs together.

While my furniture was on order, I got to painting.
Our downstairs was seriously overdue for a re-paint.

I went with a lovely shade of... mustard.
I've only gotten the living room painted and still have the rest of the downstairs to do.
It will have to wait for a bit, I'm taking a much needed break.

Our furniture came in and Doug and I ran up to Utah to fetch it.

Anyhew....here it is.
I love it.
It makes me happy.
We still want to find a coffee table and possible rug.
We still need to decide what we are putting on the walls.

Looking towards the front of my house.

The big wall, I don't know what to do with.

A not very good close up of the couch.
I couldn't photograph this thing to save my life.
There was always too much light, or not enough.
It's really much darker than it appears in this photo.

And close up of the chairs.
They are wild, and I love them!
Stay tuned for the infamous cabinet.
I'm pleased as punch!!!


lisa said...

Oooooh! I LOVE it! Congrats!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

yeah. thats pretty dang cute. and the chairs are pretty awesome too! now... you know there are coffee tables on "craigs" everyday for 20 bucks and under. if you can paint a cabinet you can paint a coffee table. :)

oh and if you tease us about the cabinet one more time... i'm just gonna head over and peek in the window myself! haha!

Camilla Ekman said...

Love it all, Carol!!!