Thursday, April 29, 2010

redemption...or something like that

Seeing as how my blog has been a big snooze fest as of late,

I decided to take a little walk around my house and document a few things that have caught my attention lately.


Samantha came home with this little writing assignment last week.

I laughed OUT LOUD when I read it.

"I get mad wen I have to do my chros (chores). All I do is shav (shove) stuf under my bed. Inless (Unless) it's something spshal (special). Sometimes I have to make my bed or clean my bed. Allso sometimes I have to clean under my bed. That's tarabal (terrible) {insert teachers coment: Especially after you shoved everything under there!} I hate to clean!!!!

And here is proof....found this just today. I see a jacket, some shorts, a shoe, a pencil, a hanger, her bed canopy, body spray...and for some reason a nice little row of blocks at the edge ???)

And the truth is, she doesn't hate to clean...she just hates to clean her room!

I found this cute little dress form recently...and stuck it full of decorative pins!
(on a side note..i'm sick of the paint color in my room...but i haven't even finished painting downstairs yet ;(

I have several pieces of artwork to iron...collecting on my scrap table.

That square is Hawaii...Samantha made it for me. Do you see the sky the ocean, the sand, the palm tree and a bird??

Kristen has been studying the Titanic in school lately. She's a bit obsessed.

They went to see the exhibit down town.

She came home and made a replica out of legos.

I'm quite impressed!
(and that book binding there.....the BIG eye...it's kinda freaking me out!)

Do you feel like some one's watching you?????

And...heaven forbid, ANYTHING should happen...

I have been instructed to grab her (Kristens) AG doll and the black bag hanging below with her belongings in it. She sets her at the edge of her bed everyday...so I won't miss it.

How long do you think that's gonna last??!?
I think I need to find some crafty things to post about.
It's been awhile, and I know I've got stuff.
So until, then...have a happy day!


Doralee said...

Fun post Carol, Samantha's writing assignment is classic! That one is definitely not for the trash can!

Stephanie said...

Fun post, I hope you get feeling better.

Cammie said...

That essay by Samantha is soooo funny! Thanks for sharing... and that lego replica is awesome too.

JudysPaperLand said...

I would love the way she thinks

Meaghan said...

I love the picture of under her bed! Mine looked like that when I was little too.