Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Old School

I would love to go back in time and take better pictures of my babies.
To have a digital camera.
So I could adjust, re size and play with them.

But, since that's not possible, 
I did the next best thing.
I took a bunch of old negatives and had them put on disc.

This way I could brighten the darker ones, make b/w
and re size to my hearts content.
Granted, they are not as good of quality, but they are better than the originals ;)

Waaaaayyy back in the day I thought I did ok with a camera.
I was aware of lighting.
But still, so many are dark.  I actually know that some of it was poor lab processing. 
I've reprinted some negatives and they've come out much brighter and nicer than the first time.

But still, I want to play.

The March kit for My Scrapbook Nook screamed little girl. 
It actually has a lot of versatile patterns on it and could be used for a lot of other subjects.
But I wanted to stick with girly girl. ;)

I found similar pictures of both my girls on their blessing days and wanted them side by side.
I had made a dress for Kristen and was so excited to be able to use it again for Samantha.

Here are my 2 girls, at 2 months of age.

This layout didn't quite turn out the way it started.
Still not sure if this is completely what I wanted, but it's what ended up being.

I loved this soft pink and knew it had to have ruffles.
The little white bow is actually one of the trims in the dress.

I love how this next one turned out.
LOVED the yellow gingham.  If you know me you shouldn't be surprised by that.
This little photo shoot is one I did of Kristen when she was so little.
See, even back then with my little 35 MM camera I liked to pretend I knew what I was doing ;)
I brightened up these photos and re sized them for this layout.
I love how happy the whole thing feels.
Just like my baby ;)

I so enjoyed being a mama to these little girls.....I would give anything to go back and live that time with them again.  I'm one of those who loved the baby phase.  Loved the newborn....enjoyed every sleepless night of it (well, you know....mostly ;)


beckyjune said...

These are both so beautiful, Carol. You did an amazing job and have me excited to get working with my kit.

I think that putting negatives on a disc is such a great idea. I'd love to jazz up some of my old pics, too.

Alex said...

Awww! So beautiful! You rocked the kit! Can't wait to get mine! :-)

Meaghan said...

SO cute!! Aviendha wore the dress that my sisters and I were all blessed in. I'm so glad my mom held on to it.

These layouts are wonderful! I love seeing your stuff, I haven't scrapped since Jackson was a baby. In fact, I haven't quite finished his first year book that you made me. So embarassing to admit!

Sherri said...

What sweet, sweet girly layouts. I can't wait to see this kit in real life :)

Nenne said...

This layout IS perfection Carol! I love every little bit of it...*sigh*


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Gorgeous work!!! I love how you've "revamped" old baby pics the way you did - I've got to do the same! These layouts are lovely!

Hanlie said...

This is a lovely LO!!!