Thursday, March 3, 2011

Self Portrait of an old girl.

Self portraits.....feel silly doing them.
But you know what....I think it's a good thing to have.
With all the documenting I do of my family.....
I know they will enjoy seeing me as much as they do themselves.

Had a birthday recently.....wondering how on earth I got here.
Pretty sure I'll be wondering the same thing when I'm 80 ;)

When I started this blog I did 100 things about me.......today I think I'll do 39 ;)

Thing numba
1.  I enjoy being alone.
2.  I am a homebody....big time.
3.  I LOVE to eat out.
4.  I like to organize stuff.
5.  LOVE Harry Potter...books and movies.
6.  Sometimes I feel socially awkward.
7.  Tend to be pretty quiet in large crowds.
8.  Not good at small talk.
9.  Always feel awkward when given compliments.
10.  I've definitely lost brain cells ;)
11.  Scrap booking is my sanity.
12.  I love taking photographs.
13.  I hate editing them.
14.  I don't mind doing the laundry.
15.  I do mind cleaning the kitchen.
16.  Love bubble baths.
17.  I don't like to exercise.
18.  I really really need to.
19.  I'm getting bored with this....are you????
20.  I love it when it rains.
21.  I love to decorate.
22.  Love spring and summer colors.
23.  I really enjoy my kids.
24.  Though, not afraid to admit,  I need time away from them.
25.  I love country music.
26.  I'm addicted to movie theater popcorn....at the movies!
27.  I'm slowly trying to minimize....stuff.
28.  This will be my less is more year ;)
29.  I really love my friends.
30.  Love going out to lunch or dinner with said friends.
31.  I'm still not as mature as I thought I would be at this point.
32.  Love a good pair of jeans.
33.  I have an awesome husband.
34.  Love our date nights.
35.  My mom and I have SO much fun together.
36.  I stay up way to late.
37.  and don't like to get up in the morning.
38.  I'm really worried about my health right now.
39.  McCormick & Schmicks has the BEST apple pie EVAHHHHH!!!!
       wish I could eat it everyday ;) or at least today ;)

Happy Thursday!!!


Kathy Jo said...

Very cool! Isn't it fun being older and wiser? You could not pay me to go back! Here's one thing about me....I canNOT do lists about myself. Hope you had a great bday!

Alex said...

Love reading about you, Carol! And I LOVE your self portrait! You look beautiful! Both on the outside and on the inside!

Sherri said...

My heart leaped when I opened your page. You look gorgeous dahling. Good for you for taking the time to appreciate it, and share your gorgeous self with the rest of us :) Love, love, loved reading all your little tidbits of info. Have a great weekend, and happy belated birthday to you xo

Nikki xx said...

hehehe..loved reading all these little tid bits of info about you Carol :):):) and I agree..the self portraits are not fun...necessary evil maybe??
Have to say one of my fave points was number 10! Hope you are well x

Alida B. said...

You look so cute Carol!! Love the second picture, makes me lol. You are so fun! I love reading fun facts about people, hope everything is alright with you health :/

Jessy Christopher said...

It's ok to have self portrait once in a blue moon! You look awesome. Had a good giggle while reading ur facts! Thanks for sharing birthday girl :)

Jen@eighteen25 said...

happy belated birthday carol!!
from the looks of that list... we are a lot alike!! :)
wanna go get some popcorn and see a chick flick while we're at it?

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

How fun, Carol!! Love your self portrait and I agree, feel silly doing them but I think they are necessary ;)

Loved reading more about you - we have ALOT in common actually!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about you Carol.. you are beauty both at heart and appearance..... love your pages.. they are all so cute.
I loved the one Home is where you are,,, I love the colours and mixing of brands. Gorgeous!
<3 <3 Katarina