Wednesday, December 14, 2011


from this girl to her sister........" remember that time when I broke your boy barbies head off?
I was laughing so hard!!!"
Me  "you broke it?"
giggle giggle " ya, I ripped his head off!!!"

She likes to confess things years later.....and believe me, there have been a few.  Like the laundry room door ( that we have yet to replace!!!)  They are always followed by snickers and giggles, like she is so proud of herself for getting away with it for so long ;)

She is something else, let me tell you.  And makes me feel like the luckiest mom in the world.  She's a special one ;)

She went to her best friends birthday party last week....it was a 70's party.  I think she was born in the wrong decade ;)  Isn't she awesome!!!  Speaking of her birth.....she celebrated a new year last month.....I need to share that FOR SURE :)


My confession:  I suck at the December Daily!!!!!
I'm only on day 4.  Isn't it like the 14th or something????
Though I do have the next 10 pictures waiting for me at Costco to pick up.
I'm finding the actual putting together not as swift as I thought......simply because I put TOO MUCH THOUGHT INTO IT!!!!
But it is my goal to get all caught up this week and share it with ya.....don't hold your breath k?  i would hate for anything to happen ;)


angie ashuk said...

Don't feel bad about your December Daily...i won a Dec daily book, already made at a crop...all I had to do was add the pictures....ssadly, I couldn't even do that. Your daughter looks great!!

Natalie Stewart said...

Hi, would you mind explaining what a December daily is?

Danielle said...

Hahaha fun story about your daughter, I love her immediately ;-)
And totaly understand about your december daily...that's why I don't even start one...

beckyjune said...

Carol, I didn't even put together a December Daily because I knew I wouldn't do it. Maybe next year...Your daughter is so amazingly cute! What fun you guys must have at your house!

Anonymous said...

aaawww! she is so cute..!
nad boy... I have only made the cover of my December daily.. so if you suck.. Im like titanic.. going down big time! *giggle*