Monday, March 5, 2007

Lesson of the Day

Don't drop your cell phone in the toilet.

Ya, that's right. And having insurance on your cell phone plan, not so impressive. Still have to pay a dumb deductible and send everything through the mail to get it replaced. And apparently when your in the middle of a contract you can't get the cheap phones. No, those are only offered with new contracts. So regular price is like $300 smackers! Ya right.

So the moral of the story is when your husband quits his job and becomes self employed that's when things fall apart. Here's the list of most recent tragedies at our house:

Broken DVD player
Broken oven
Broken cabinet door on entertainment center (that one involved some punishment to a certain someone)
Broken cell phone
Bike trailer is gonna have to require some duct tape or something, ghetto here I come
And this stinkin' computer is not runnin' so smooth tonight, hope we don't have a crash!!!

There's probably more but that is what comes to mind at the moment.
Did I say my husband is now self employed....


Leslie said...

The "when things go bad" curse is rubbing off at the Trammell house...check out my blog.

Kathy Jo said...

How'd you drop you cell phone in the toilet???
So, Doug decided to go with the self employment thing, huh? So, how's it going? Is he happier? And how do you feel about it?

Carol said...

Kathy, call me sometime and I'll tell you all the gory details!

Kathy Jo said...

I'd love to call you, but I dropped my cell phone in the dog's water bowl. It was an immediate death. That was the only place I had your phone number stored. I have invested in an address book, though. And I have a fancy new cell phone.