Thursday, March 29, 2007

Surviving Track Break.....

Two weeks almost down, one more to go. I am barely making it! It's so unlike me to have such a rough go. This one has just been exhausting! A constant barrage of kids in and out all day long. Jack is off his nap schedule because he either won't go to sleep or gets woken up half way through. I can't seem to ever just sit and veg or have some me time. It is constant cleaning up or entertaining or something. I just about lost it yesterday so a sweet friend took pity on me and took my 3 big ones today so I could do some shopping by myself. Easter shopping that is. My shopping excursions are very limited these days. But that's ok. I must say I do enjoy staying home. But I am definitely ready to lock myself in my scrapbook room for a serious retreat. Ya, right!
The kids seem to be going about every other day of absolutely hating each other. One day good, next one not so good. They are also not helping on the grocery budget. Every time we go we come home with way more goodies and snacks than I would ever buy in my right mind. I feel bad that we haven't done more fun things but I guess being home and playing with friends all the time should be fun enough right?
Some of the highlights of the last few weeks are as follows:

Bead up the nose, AGAIN. (Samantha said she forgot she wasn't supposed to do that)
Credit card stolen???? Fortunately we caught on quick, and so did our bank. Within 24 hrs.
More liquid spills than I can count
Net on tramp officially destroyed, hope broken bones aren't next
Lots and lots of chores
Jack learned to slide like a big boy
Forgot almost everyday that Samantha still has preschool...late late late!
Kristen is mopey because she wants to be in school
Oh and my sweet kids did bring me breakfast in bed one morning

I'm too tired to even bother with pictures, even though I know there are some cute ones in here somewhere.

Side note, the girls are in the tub right now and Samantha just tooted. Kristen has informed her that it's disgusting and not to ever do it again. Samantha is in out of control giggles and thinks she is neat stuff! Kristen is so disgusted with her. They are always good for a laugh!

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