Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Since I don't have any sisters who can do this for me, I have to do it myself.
If i were Carols sister these are the things I would love about her :)
Look how adorable she is...who wouldn't love those big brown eyes.
She was the sweetest sister ever.
She never wacked her brothers on the head every morning to let them know who was boss.
Here she is on her 5th birthday.
She always shared her cake with grandpa, his birthday is on the 6th.
Those brothers are eatin' her up!
Again, her brothers were her biggest fans.
They always stood by her side and were happy for her happiness!
Here she is on her 7th birthday. She got a bird (we weren't jealous at all!)
But we were jealous of that sweet dress she wore!
That doily table cloth was her favorite. Mom always pulled it out special for her.
Birthday #10. Obviously she was the cutest sister.
Perfect teeth and all!
Again celebrating with grandpa ( he WAS the best...do miss him).
She was always so nice to share her fashion knowledge with others.
Purple overalls with draw string ankles pulled tight were the hippest thing when she wore them.
Even then she was a crafty girl.
Making some awesome ribbon barettes with extra long tassles and feathers.
She was so generous and would give them to friends (for a small fee).
Happy birthday to my sweet sister Carol, I'm so lucky to have her!
Now you can commit me to a mental institute


Alida B. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Carol Dear!!! <3 I loved this blog, laughed myself silly! I hope today is a wonderful day for you!!!

Linde said...

Happy birthday Carol. That is so funny! Lucky to be the only girl. Hope that you have a great day!

Cammie said...

You are so AWESOME!!!! Your sister was 100 percent right. I think you are so cute and loved seeing the photos and hearing all about what you liked to do growing up. That special table cloth story was so sweet and I love those purple overalls. Can I have a pair? Serious. I love them. I don't know where I'd where them but I sure do think they're fine.

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! I love your old photos! Isn't it fun to remember being little? Ahhh...the simple times. It is amazing how you look like a cross between Samantha and Kristen in your photos. Hope you have an amazing day...let's see...I'm only 29 so you must be 23? ha! ha!

g said...

Hey Birthday Girl, what's your favorite treat??

Carol said...

hey g...choc. chip cookies or anything chocolate! :)

Meaghan said...

Happy Birthday!! I had the ribbon barretts too, my mom made them!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a fabulous chocolate filled day.

VivaLasFloyds said...

Hilarious! Happy Birthday!!

patmonson said...

Happy Birthday Carol. I love having a sister that I can share things and feelings with. She's the only one who listens. I'm sure your brothers loved having you as their sister. I hope that you've had a great day.

Heather said...

Happy happy birthday!
Loved the post: words and pictures. I know I told you, but Kristen looks JUST LIKE YOU. Hope you had a great day.

jamie carter said...

Happy Birthday.
(At least you got to pick which pictures were posted of you. haha)
Hope you had a great day.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

how funny!!

happy birthday... i hope you had a great day!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!! That is such a good idea. I have 3 sisters but none of them would do that for me...I will just have to do that for my b-day.

jodie@eighteen25 said...

That is too funny! Sounds like your sister had a lot of good things to say about you.

Lynette said...

So I'm way late, but Happy Birthday! Your post is great! Love the photos and you have such a sweet sister...LOL. Glad to know you are a happy only sister, 'cause sometimes I feel sorry for Sophie with her three brothers.