Friday, February 29, 2008

The little ones and I packed a lunch (not really, but shoulda) and nearly circled the valley today. Ended up at Town Square (a necessity). Promised them some time to play after the errands were done. I love that place, it is so quaint and picturesque feeling. I think it would be a great place to take pictures...{jen} there are lots of store windows, colorful shutters, colored walls, a bridge and beautiful landscaping. And actually I did. Made Samantha pose for a few in the kids playground. Tried to get some of Jack...but as you can see he would never actually look at me. Every picture I got was of the back or side of his head. He doesn't have time for a camera.
They had a good time and I simply tried to keep up.
Love this sweet girl for humoring me...for a moment. I asked her to do something sassy for a pose and she told me she didn't know what that was. So I told her to just be herself. That, she got! Although this isn't the picture. I'm working on another one with the dreamy effect again. It didn't turn out so I gotta keep pluggin at it. Hopefully it will become worthy of a post!

Jack cruising through the maze. He did not have time to stop and pose.

Jack wishing he could climb the 2nd level window.

Hanging out the little play house windows. They eventually just climbed out of them!


FrankNApril said...

Carol~ She is such a pretty girl! Yes, She really is! Where is that place? April

Stephanie said...

What a fun place. I want to come. Samantha's hair is sooo long, cute. Mr. Jack is looking tall.

Heather said...

WOW! That is so cool....I have to check it out! I LOVE them peeking out of the windows. Such fun colors.

chris jenkins said...

very pretty shot of your little girl!

town square would be an amazing place to shoot - i've walked around it a few times scoping places and studying the light

i was there last weekend - i love that there are differing types of architecture - i discover new things each time - like the super fun bright orange wall at the movie theater.

looks like your little guy had fun exploring the play area! and no worries about your little guy looking at the camera - i often think some of the best shots are found when they are not looking.

Cammie said...

Wow Samantha's hair is so pretty!

g said...

I keep hearing about this place. I'm going to have to make a trip to see it for myself. Those pictures are great. The one of Samantha is so pretty :)

Jason & Claire said...

I love that place too. I keep meaning to go get some pics there. Samantha is so sweet to pose for you. What I would give for a poser! Very cute!

Linde said...

Cute pictures. I'll have to check it out before I move. Looks like fun.

Cindy said...

That is a cool plcae...where is it at? I would love to take my kids pics there. Your daughter is so pretty! I love her hair. Oh and by the way...I should've NEVER ordered the girl scout cookies. I have been eating them non-stop!!! BAD! They are sooo addicting!