Thursday, February 21, 2008

round TWO

Thougt we were goooood
On the mend
Got a taste of the outside world
Targets world anyway
Then last night happened
up, a lot, crying
ears hurt
Urgent care first thing this morning
didn't even want to bother with waiting for a dr. appt.
double ear infection
She is now crashed next to me

the poor girl has been sick
for weeks now
calgon, take me away


Linde said...

So sorry! I hope she feels better. That is not fun!

Meaghan said...

I feel for you. I'm SO sick of being sick!

Alida B. said...

awww! Poor thing! Elise had double ear infection a few weeks ago...its no fun when your kids are all sicky! {{{BIG HUGS}} Hope that you can all be on the mend soon.

Stephanie said...

How sad, give her our love. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Cammie said...

So sorry Carol. I hope she gets well soon!

g said...

I hope she's feeling better!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh that stinks... poor thing.

FrankNApril said...

Awful! No fun!!! Soryy to hear! Get better soon and spray lots of Lysol! I love that stuff! It will not help her ears but maybe kill some other germies! april