Friday, January 9, 2009

And So it Begins...

A few months ago Doug and I decided it was time.
Time to split up the boys and give Nathan his own room.
They are 8 1/2 years apart.
This was inevitable.

We've discussed what we're going to do.
We did a furniture scope at Ikea at Thanksgiving.
Found some great ideas for him.

And now...all because Nathan gets his own room
I have to.....

1. Re-organize and clean up my room a bit.
Go through my scrapbook mountain and re-organize,
downsize and move all of it into my room. eeeeek!
Desk and all. Doug can't wait for all this.

2. Clean out the spare bedroom of said scrapbook nightmare,
Clean out closet in spare bedroom of storage stuff (half of it anyway)
Move futon out of spare bedroom into playroom and get rid of sicko couch.

3. Paint spare bedroom for Jack.
Move everything out of boys room to spare bedroom to give Jack a new room.
Move part of closet organizer out of boys closet into spare bedroom for Jack.

4. Paint boys room for Nathan
Buy furniture from Ikea and put it together (which obviously will involve a trip).
Finish up Nathans room.

Everyone happy...except the girls who wonder why they can't have their own room!

Cause we don't live in a freakin' mansion!
That's WHY!

On the bright side of this nightmare list of things to do is this...
I have already moved my scrap stuff into the bedroom.
It has taken me all week to go through, clean out and move.
But it's done.

I have decided what color to paint Jacks room (which is next on my list of things to do)
Well, actually the spare bedroom looks like a bomb hit it about now.
But colors have been chosen and that is big!
Jack will be keeping all the bedding and such the boys have had
I"m just going to actually finish it up with decor.
Which I have also figured out and am excited about.

Nathan finally found the bedding he wants.
So we have a color scheme to go with that now too.

It's going to feel so good to have all of this done.
Our goal is within 2 months to be done.
Hopefully the boys will be able to keep their rooms cleaner
with the rearranging that we are doing.

AND....future guests....listen up!
You won't have to sleep on the futon anymore!
Nates gettin' a queen bed he'll gladly offer up when you come!

I think I'm exhausted!


Alida B. said...

Wow! You have you work cut out for you. But atleast we get to see pics when you're done, right? Right??

Stephanie said...

wow, i need pictures. can't wait to see the end product.

lisa said...

That is A LOT! I can't wait to see pics. I curious to know what bedding Nathan likes. Make sure to stop by on your way to IKEA.;)

Jen@eighteen25 said...

that sounds like a doosy (SP?) of a project!! something to keep you busy in these quite first months of the year. if you need help painting... i work wonders with a roller...haha.

Cammie said...

Cool stuff! Have fun at Ikea too!

Stephanie said...

becky wants to redo her room to something older. the colors she wants to use are purple, black, and i don't know what. i just don't have the energy to do anything. she has been living in fairyland since we moved here, she wants something more grown up. i would like a fairy of my own to come and do her room and make me a scrap book niche. if you have any ideas i would love to here them. i can't wait to see how all the rooms turn out. i love how the girls room turned out. i have thing for owls. good luck.

Leslie said...

We did the split kids up thing over this weekend. (they don't get paint and bedding though!), but I did promise cute curtains. At 5, apparently Abby wasn't ready for the split from Emily. It's been two nights of pure hell for me.