Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready to Go

I have been working HARD on this little dudes room.
Don't let the pictures fool you...he is way excited for his new room.
He even got to help paint...a bit (a very tiny bit)

Sometimes he likes to wake up from his pm nap
and have a melt down. It must be therapeutic for him,
for he does it quite often. It's very enjoyable.

I love the paint color. I didn't obsess too much over choosing it.
I knew what kind of green I wanted, and just bought it!
I love it.
I did not, however, love the 3 coats it required.
And now, especially, am not looking forward to the paint job
for Nathans room. Which is why we painted this one in the first place!

I already had these curtains in this spare bedroom. They were from our
old house in Nathans room. So they go lovely with everything that is coming in.

A peek at my little artwork idea that will go up on the wall.
Framed old t-shirts of the boys.
We will finish it all up this weekend.
I'll post final results later on.


Stephanie said...

It looks like it is coming along. I love the colors and the t-shirt idea. Do you want to come and do Becky's room?? I just don't have any energy.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

love the green!

i can't believe you are teasing us with those 2 little pictures.

lisa said...

Wow! Super cute! You can always pull things together so they look so good and professional! :) very nice! Maybe I'll have to come down and see it in person. Mike and I were just talking about how we missed Vegas.

Kathy Jo said...

Poor baby! I think I can relate. I like to have a melt down when I have to wake up in the morning. I have to get up before John does and it always makes me mad. Don't know why...
Love the paint color. I wouldn't have guessed it would look good with the blue curtains, but I really like it.

Jess said...

I love the t-shirt idea and the paint color is so cool!

Stephanie said...

happy birthday to jack.

Linde said...

I love it! Can't wait to see the final results! Thanks for the tease:)

Soares Family said...

Wow you will have to show me how you did that! I need to re-do my 4 yr olds room too!!!