Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

*The kids are on spring break this week.
We are going to see this movie today.
They are all....WAY excited to see it.
Samantha has been reading like crazy to finish the book before we go.
She just finished ;)
Edit: this movie was hillarious...a good time was had by all.
*Plan to do some fun things.
Sugar Cookies
eggs, of course
*In between all that I've got a huge sewing project I'm trying to finish.
3 sets of little girl jammies with matching doll jammies.
I've been commissioned.
Doug and I laughed out loud at the doll ones, they ended up looking like clown pants!
When I agreed to take on the job I didn't realize they were needed in a week!
That's ok, I'm nearly done...just working on the doll ones now.
The girls and I had a movie marathon yesterday while I worked on them.
*Got a huge box in the mail yesterday!
Some much needed shorts and capris for the kids (and maybe me too ;)
*We spent some MAJOR time out in the back yard this weekend.
Pulled some plants that were thinking they were more important than anybody else in the garden and taking over...chucked em to the curb!
Did lots of trimming and weed pulling and dog destruction cleaning.
Now I have several holes I need to fill with something else.
Hoping to get the rest finished this week before Easter.
We've got to have a pretty yard for our egg hunt!
*We were hoping to start swimming this week but the weather is turning nasty tomorrow!
Maybe we can sneak in a swim today ;)
Hope ya'll are having a fun week!


Julie said...

Those easter baskets are way cute!! I may have to try them myself.

Kathy Jo said...

We are going to do them as well! You should post more crafty ideas on your blog for me since I was born without the crafty ideas section of the brain.

Meaghan said...

Sounds like fun! My mom can stich together a pair of pajama bottoms in 20 minutes. I tried once thinking it must be really easy and after like 3 hours of frustration gave up and had her finish.