Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack's Spook Alley!!!!

A few weeks ago Jack got some hair brained idea to set up his room as a spook alley.
Pretty clever I must say ;)  
He was hoping I would get out the Halloween decorations so he could really do it up right!   
No thanks.

Here's what he came up with......

Snakes hanging from the ceiling!!!!!
 Pumpkin pictures lined the edge of his bed....where he crawled under to hide in wait.
Do you see his little head popping out to scare us???
I totally love all his little pumpkin faces ;)
 Then he lined up some skeletons on his table and hid under there as well.
He turned off his lights and told us to wait in hall till he was ready.
Then we would walk in and he would pop out and scream at us ;)

He cracks me up!!!!


Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

The snakes are pretty ingenius! He is creative just like his mommy!:)

Sherri said...

Oh Jack! What a great imagination, I love that. The pumpkin faces are superb. You should take pix of each of them. And the snakes on the ceiling? I mean c'mon who wouldn't want to wake up to snakes hanging two inches away from their face? Nice job Jack.