Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Kit at My Scrapbook Nook

My blog is fixed ;)
Such a weird problem.......I'd pulled my Little Yellow Bicycle layouts off of THEIR blog and for some reason those pics killed my blog.  I've done that before, pulling stuff I need off other locations.  But as soon as I removed them from the post everything went back to normal.  Fan-freakin'-tastic ;)

So here are my overdue Nook layouts for November......it's a good thing too, since I've got our HOT december kit in my hands already.....wahoooooo!!!!

The November kit was from Echo Park, Times and Seasons.
It's a beautiful kit, though a bit dark and vintagy for my taste.
To lighten things up a bit I like to use white backgrounds.  This line has some really awesome prints in it that I thought were perfect for Disneyland....so all my layouts are from there.....fun hu!!!!

 This picture has been on my MUST SCRAPBOOK list for quite a few years.  So glad this kit reminded me of it......I think it's a perfect match and so happy to have my way too cute Kristen documented with Ariel!!!!
 Been wanting to try the chevron pattern thingy that's all the rage right now.  Love how these patterns worked together and suited Goofy so well ;)

 Another Ariel picture....the colors here went so well with her tail.

 I think the stripe in here was my favorite pattern....pulled out Minney and Mickey for this one.  Pictures from our trip last year.  Finally got some good pictures as they've moved Mickey outside instead of in ;)

While the Nook is repairing it's message board you can find all our fun challenges and inspiration on our new blog!!!!


Mag said...

Such gorgeous layouts !!
You're totally right ! The november kit is fantastic !

Zarah said...

Great LO!!

Ps. Pulling images from other sites is blocked, sometimes - and it gets more common since it eats their bandwidth. Blogspot. for example, has blocked it more or less completely unless you're super sneaky or in lots of luck. ;)

Lydia said...

Love the hand made chvron, soooooooo cool!!

Eagle Craftz said...

I love your non-traditional colors and take on your pictures. Great inpiration