Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My truth about project life


But I have a plan, or at least a working order of things.
I love my project life, I'm just bad about getting her done ;)

Here is what I'm finding works for me..... i date all my little notes/paraphernalia and I place a photo order every few weeks.  I'm finding that instagram is my new best friend for pl.  All the photo's are already edited, all i have to do is create a document and load them on the sizes i want them.  Here's what an 8x12 sheet looks like that i send over to costco.

then I throw everything in my book in the week they belong, with a little post it for the weeks date.

I have too many pages in this state.  But they are ready to put together when I get around to it.
I've been good about having things for every week, but there is a week in April I'm not even gonna touch.  Skipping it completely, and that's ok with me.  It was a rough one and I don't have anything good to record, though i will touch on it in the following week.  10 years from now i will want to know why i skipped it, though i'm sure it won't be forgotten.

Being a member of My Scrapbook Nook I have lots of kits leftover, so what I've been doing is grabbing a kit and using it for a week.  Sometimes I grab random stuff, what ever I feel like.  I have the Becky Higgins journal cards and I love using them too.  I just don't like using the same stuff over and over.  And it's a great way to use up old stash ;)

Here are some of my finished pages

I really love this book....i'm not gonna lie....it's a lot of work to keep up on.  But it's so fun and i love documenting the silly everyday things that would never make it off the computer.   It will be a really fun look at a year in our lives.

If you're interested, my friends over at eighteen25 are having a give a way....go check them out ;)


Lizzy Hill said...

Go Carol:):) At least you're ORGANISED...just not up to date. And it does look a really worthwhile project....great way to use up the stash, too. It's good to scrap the 'good, bad & ugly'...sometimes the 'ugly' needs a bit of space between happening & scrapping, tho:):):)

Gina said...

this looks fabulous! love the intstagrams too :)

Sherri said...

Good for you, for making it your own. I think that was Becky's Higgins' idea all along, but somehow we all got caught up in wanting ours to look 'perfect'. Whatever that is :) Love it so far Carol!

Pam said...

It looks great, Carol! You are awesome for keeping up with it (at least you are doing it at your own pace, I was a BIG fail and never even started, ha!).

I still want to though...I like how you are capturing the little moments and now that we have instagram, I agree..that would make it easier!