Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Here is our beautiful girl on her 7th birthday. Can't believe she is getting so big.

7 Things about our latest 7 year old
Loves ramen noodles (that's what she wanted for her birthday dinner)

Loves to Dance & Sing

Loves to Read

Loves to Scrapbook

Fights like crazy with her older brother

Loves school

Is always writing notes & making little crafts

Kristen had a great time at her Magic of the Rainbow pretend sleepover birthday party. She only wanted to invite 5 girls, that's easy. It's amazing the volume that can come out of just a few little girls and one boy. We ate pizza, made rainbow sand jars, decorated butterfly wings, sang karaoke, and watched Barbies Magic of the Rainbow. Kristen was SUPER excited about the Littlest Pet Shop toys she got. The girls came in pajamas and had SOOOO much fun. Oh ya, and she still has her face painted from the night before.


Jen@eighteen25 said...

What a cute party! I love planning birthday parties. oh heck I love planning any type of party.

lisa said...

Cute pictures from the party!! What darling children! Especially the one in purple. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't belive how grown up Kristen is. She sure is a pretty girl. We need to get the kids together. It has been way to long.