Monday, May 7, 2007


Let me start by stating the facts. Nathan's class was doing a unit on pioneers. The teacher asked for volunteers to make 'something' for their pioneer feast on Friday. I signed up. I got homemade bread...I cannot even get bread maker bread right, let alone make bread by myself. The recipe said if the dough sticks to your hands when kneading, add more flour. IF!!!!! It was like cake batter. I had to add SOOOOO much more flour. It was not a pleasant experience and I almost threw it away. But I persevered and got what looked like good bread. It was tasteless. Anyway....because of the bread I went into the school to help serve their feast. I went a little early and walked into this (see picture). I couldn't believe my eyes and Nathan couldn't believe his either when he caught me taking pictures. My camera battery died after a few shots but I got what I needed. Priceless!

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