Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been tagged 2 times now so I guess I'd better get to it. This first one is from Leslie...5 things about me people might not know. Hers were cool and exciting things. My life...not so much. So it has taken me some time to conjure up some old memories to give ya'll some "shock and awe"!!
Here goes...

1. I love Air Supply and...wait for it.......................................................................old Barry Manilow,
ya know the ones, Mandy, New England, ya. Can't believe I admitted those. I even made Doug stop in to Best Buy and get me an Air Supply greatest hits a few years ago cause my collection was on tape. It was humiliating for him to say the least. Now that's love baby!

2. I slept in on my wedding day and was a little late to the temple. Did my makeup in the car. Doug was beginning to panic to say the least. I had some good excuses though. It had rained all night and the power went out (not actually positive about that)...anyway, my mom was sapposed to wake me but crazy her went out to an early breakfast with some friends and wasn't home to wake me at a decent time. It's all her fault. Oh ya, and I didn't go to bed till like 2am either.

3. I always got teased on the bus in middle school by a couple of mean boys. My teeth weren't pretty and they made sure I knew it on a daily basis. I eventually wore braces (for 4 years).

4. In highschool I took the car without permission (my parents weren't home...whats a girl to do) Drove up to the canyons with a bunch of friends. On the way down my headlights went out and we had to wind down the rest of the canyon in the dark. Once we got to the mouth of the canyon we called for help. I don't recall the repercussions of this...I must have blocked it out..

5. I'm a bit of a chronic hand washer. No wonder my hands are so dry.

That's all I've got. Not super exciting. I was a good kid. Rarely got in trouble. Boring would be another way to put it!

So now I guess have to tag a few of you, don't worry if your not listed here, I'll get you on the next one :)...Heather, Jen, Stephanie.


FrankNApril said...

I hope my children turn out like you! You sound like you were a good kid! I wish I could say the same for me! Yes~Lets just say I have lots of stories!

Carol said...

Well then April, consider yourself TAGGED!!! Lets hear it.

Jason & Claire said...

Why are mean boys so . . . mean? I had a few of those experiences myself.

I'm impressed that you made it down the canyon in the dark. I can barely make it through a canyon NOW with lights on.

FrankNApril said...

Carol~ I cant do tags! Im sorry! I laugh as I write this! Trust me! I could write a book! Oh and yes, I agree w/Super Star pics! Her father said we would show them at her wedding!~I hope Not~ April

Jen@eighteen25 said...

hmmm.... not sure i can think of anything... ???

Cammie said...

That is so funny that you slept in!!!

Leslie said...

Thank you! I enjoyed it and it's good you don't have the stories I have because then you don't have to break them out of the "vault" for children someday like I will have to.....arghh!! Didn't you also forget to pack something for your honeymoon? like hiking boots and you were going to go hiking? That was you, right?

Linde said...

Glad that you shared! So funny to hear a little about you. I love Air Supply too!

chris jenkins said...

interesting - i guess sleeping in means you were totally at ease with your wedding day. i couldn't sleep at all!

interesting 'bout the manilow and air supply - makes me think about how people used to hold up lighters and sway back and forth at concerts - you know feelin the love! i guess they still do it except now with their cell phones.

i like these sort of posts :)

g said...

Billy was late to the temple, too, so I can feel Doug's pain :P

Are your kids feeling better? This winter has been the WORST for colds! UGH!