Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Boredom and some Pages

So the summer blues and boredom are kicking in.
Some more than others ;)
Everything either costs money to do, or it's too freakin' hot outside to do.
I'm afraid I'm not the funnest parent in town.....so I don't usually have any good answers for them.
And I'm not going to name any names.......

Along with the summer blues how about some layouts in blue.......and you know, I just don't understand how they can get so bored.....I mean....I'm never bored!!!!!  I've always got something fun to keep me busy ;)

 This here is a little wall piece I'm going to put up on my gallery wall.  We got this cool little binder clip in our kit and I decided to make a faux book out of it.  I painted a canvas board and glued the clip to it with my book attached. 
 I used pop dots to separate the pages and make it look nice and thick.  Each page has a tab with each of our kids names on it.
 This next layout got a little bit out of control!  But I like it.  Kristen and her friend Blake like to write songs and then sing them.  On this night they put on a big concert where they sang their stuff.  This song was Root beer Dream....cause they looooove root beer!!!  I've got the words to the song written on here so we will always remember it!!!
 I loved the stitched paper in this kit!!! So adorable and Scandinavian looking ;)  I had these old pics of Kristen in a little dress I made her.  She's my Texas girl growing up in the big city.

Be sure to check out My Scrapbook Nook for even more fabulous fun!!!


Kerry said...

Fab layouts and love how you've captured the moods of your kids on your top photo. School hols in the UK start next Friday so give us a couple of weeks and we will be exasperated by bored children too. I wish we got weeks and weeks of no housework/cooking etc.!!!!!!

Sherri said...

okay, so much going on here, where to start?! first, i love that S and her friend make up songs and sing them. here we have one that makes up dance routines with her friend to top 40 tunes, and performs for us. love it. second that pic of S in that sweet little dress, so cute, and you're right the kit papers were a perfect match for it. third, i think it's great that the girls are finding their own style, and individuality, they both looked beautiful in their Easter outfits :) your layouts are lovely Carol. and that wall hanging? um, jealous. great, great idea. you'll have to keep us posted as you add to it.

scrapbookertink said...

Wow, love your layouts and blog, came here from I cant remember LOL! Summer holidays, as I work in a school I too get the hols off and I adore them, bored never!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Carol, you are so rockin that July Nook kit! Fabulous projects once again! Wow!

As tho the boredom thing, my dd is not allowed to voice she is bored *giggle* because I have vowed to get rid of the copius amount of toys, books, & various electronic items if she does.He,he!:)