Monday, May 7, 2007


It was a busy weekend with one event after another. After the pioneer feast we had our school carnival. It was a horribly windy day and not the best for a baby working on a cold but we suffered through it anyway. The kids had a great time despite the wind. They played lots of games, ate pizza and disgusting hot dogs, waited in a line for face painting for I think an hour! Thankfully Doug came and took over so the boys and I could go home. Kristen wanted her face painted and she didn't care how long it took. The highlight of the evening was our big win. I decided at the very last second to buy a few tickets for the basket raffle. Amazingly we won! We got a huge craft basket and the kids couldn't wait to tear into it. This was the first carnival for our new school and I'm pretty sure it was way more successful than they anticipated. They were running out of all kinds of stuff. I was amazed at how many were there, especially with the weather.


Heather said...

Lucky kids! They were pulling tickets before we got a chance to put any in. THere's always next year.

Anonymous said...

Samantha reminds me of Becky.

Carol said...

Yes, Samantha is for sure a Monson.